The 30 Before 30 Project was born out of that helpless, hapless, life-is-slipping-through-my-fingers feeling that hits most people as they approach the age of 30. Rather than waiting for 30 to come around and thereafter sink into depression over how the years have passed me by, I thought, why not meet 30 head on by making sure that I'd accomplished 30 things that I've always wanted to do before my 30th birthday? So I started making a list, trying to make it as fun and exciting as possible, while keeping in mind that there is a time limit to consider, a bank account to avoid completely depleting, and a day job to keep. What I came up with is a list that's partly local and partly international, sometimes practical and other times quite frankly ludicrous, but all meant to hopefully make me a better, happier, more fulfilled, and more whole person by the age of 30.

Since that fateful day, I've been a woman on a mission: taking on challenges, getting my ego crushed, picking up the pieces, coming back for a beating, and every now and then, relishing the sweet taste of victory of crossing off something on my list. It's been a wonderful ride so far, and I would love it if you would join me for the journey!

Do you have a list that you'd like to share? Email me at the30before30project@gmail.com. Posting it up for the world to see is an amazing motivator to keep going—believe me, I know!

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