Been There, Loved That

Let people who have been there and loved that tell you why some of these 30 things are worth doing.

Telihana on Recording a Song
So tell me ... what is it really like to record a song?
FUN! Everytime I'm in front of the mic, I can't stop smiling—though I have to say it makes me a little nervous. With your mouth in front of equipment used by the pros, in a studio where award winning songs were created ... takes a little bit to get used to! But it's amazing. Takes time though to get things perfect (we're often in the studio for full full days) but the results are incredibly satisfying.

Celine on Ibiza
Describe your typical day in Ibiza.
Let’s start with a typical night in Ibiza. It is about 9:00pm, we are all getting ready for dinner at the villa, we play games, and sip cocktails with the music blasting. Then it’s time to get ready, get your bling on, and get pumped for the night ahead. Take lots of pictures, play more games, more music, and then we are on our way to the city center. Walking next to the marina, looking for VIP tickets, having another drink, watching the parades, and around 3AM it is dancing time. Next thing we know, the sun is up when we are going home, the villa is quiet, the sun is vibrant, and we are all asleep for a few hours before we all meet at the pool and plan a trip to the beach.

Bea Locsin on Running a Marathon
What made you decide to do the New York Marathon?
Doing a marathon before I die was on my bucket list of things to do. After getting into triathlons, I knew this was going to be easy to cross off my list. In 2008, I found out that a few of my team mates from Polo Tri got slots to the NYC Triathlon in November. Perfect! I’ll have friends to do my first marathon with! Thing is, my friend already used up all the slots to the race ING had given him as a premier client. So, I went online and tried my luck in the lottery. Luck was on my side!

Kage Gozun on Surfing
When did you first pick up a surfboard and what made you do it?
I had my first lesson in Oahu back in 2001 after a trip to Siargao (a writing gig) opened my eyes to surfing in the Philippines. I'd always wanted to try it but didn't know there was surf here.

Drinie Aguilar on Spelunking in Sagada
Tell me about the journey to Sagada. How did you get there and who were you with?
That in itself was a journey alright. We left at midnight, the day after Christmas (going into the 26th). We got dropped off at the Pasay bus station and from there we took a bus ride to Baguio. We booked this in advance so we got the nice bus with reclining lazy boy seats. It was a sweet ride from midnight to 6 am. As soon as we got on the bus we had a bottle of wine, slept right after and before we knew it we were in Baguio. Easy.

Things were quite different from then on. 

Tisha Ang on Skydiving
What on earth made you jump out of a plane?
Part of my bucket list as well. I was going through my adventurous stage. Pretty much what you are going through right now, I believe!




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