Monday, May 17, 2010

#18: Ride a Motorcycle—CHECK!

In the Philippines where traffic rules are treated more like helpful suggestions rather than actual laws, I would have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to get on a motorcyle. Too many friends and acquaintances have been lost in tragic accidents for me to even consider galavanting around on a bike there. But here in New York, where driving is a little bit more civil, I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that we have a friend with good driving habits and a very cool bike to knock one "I've never ... " off my bucket list.

The bike:

The driver:

And me, post amazing bike ride, and post giving big brother back there a jaunty little wave (He was pretty amused).

It was pretty amazing! The speed, the roar of the engine, the cool breeze whipping through my hair and against my skin ... why would anyone want to travel any other way? I thought I would get a tiny bit freaked out by it all and scream at least once, but I just had a silly grin on my face for most of the ride. Then again, as friends in Manila who've been passengers in my car may remember, I am a bit of a speed freak so I suppose it makes sense.

But as far as motorcycles go, I will leave the driving to the conscientious drivers (who I may pester for more rides come August). Thank you, Mr. Perley, for helping me knock one item off my list and for starting off my birthday week on a pretty cool note! For motorcycle aficionados, Buck co-authors a great motorcyle blog called Rubber on the Road, which you should definitely check out.

One more down, 26 to go!


  1. This makes you a biker, er, dudette! Hahaha.

    And in case I forget to great you on your birthday, as it is coming soon, here's wishing you a great day in advance!!!

  2. You know you're meant to be on two wheels when you can't wipe that grin off your face. I am very familiar with it! In fact I think that might've actually been my last ride before going to China. It's now been just about 3 months, and i'm friggin' dying!

    Thanks for the blog shout out too. Speaking of the blog, we've actually now migrated ourselves over to a full-fledged website,, so be sure to check that out. Next up: my 2 month motorcycle/hiking trip around the U.S.

  3. wonderfully, i wish i had a same mortrcycle to travel

  4. Awesome post !! I read your article first time its informative.


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