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Guest Post: Saturn Return by Katrina Holigores

I distinctly recall the first time  I heard the words "Saturn Return."  I was a bright-eyed 24-year-old living in Manila, slaving away in  the publishing industry.  My dearest friend Katrina Holigores and I were driving back to our neighborhood when she described this astrological phenomenon that hits people when they're between the ages of 27 and 30. I listened with fascination but took it with a grain of salt. I mean, sheesh, 30 sounds AGES away when you're 24 and when have I ever paid attention to astrology anyway? Fast forward to 2009 when my world suddenly unraveled and big lessons were hurled at me with the delicacy of a quarterback throwing a Hail Mary pass. I thought back on that afternoon when Katrina gave me my first lesson in Saturn Return, shook my head and muttered, "Damn, she was right."

So I've asked Katrina to write a guest post on Saturn Return. This post may give you a lightbulb moment—or at the very least, assure you that the madness of Saturn Return is a normal occurrence and you do not need to get committed to an asylum just yet. Katrina is a wonderful writer with serious publishing credentials, and she writes a regular column in The Philippine Star and a gem of a blog called Soul Train. I hope you will take a look at her blog and articles and learn from her as I have throughout the years.

Saturn Return is, indeed, a difficult and confusing time. But as someone who can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, I assure you that this too will pass, and if you learn your lessons well, you will come out of it far stronger, better and, dare I say, happier than when you started.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Saturn Return
By Katrina Holigores

THIRTY. The number seems to strike fear, dread and anxiety in most people. Male or female, one should have, must have, done this, bought that, had this, reached here, gone there etc. When the late 20's hit, there is a maniacal assessment of one's social, financial, physical, economic and even spiritual station in life. Being past 30, I look bemusedly and with much sympathy at those who are going through what I once was. Unlike many of my peers, I was actually looking forward to hitting the Big 3-0. Not because I was right on track with everything I wanted to achieve, but because of a little known planetary pattern that astrologers have come to call "The Saturn Return."

The what? The Saturn Return, and yes I am referring to the original Lord of the Rings (sorry Tolkien) and it's "return." To be more specific, the first time Saturn completes its cycle through your birth chart and returns to the spot it occupied when you were born. Without getting too technical, Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest in diameter in astronomical terms, but it is known as "The Great Teacher" in astrological ones. It completes a cycle approximately once every 29 years, and its energies are believed to be the cause of why those years approaching 30 seem so messed up!!

If you are 30 and over, look back at your life between the ages of 27 1/2 to 29 1/2, if you are between 27-30 or are close to someone who is, stop and read this, please. I can assure you that it's not going to be a sermon, and you can of course come to your own conclusions and use this to train your dog. But, if it does spark an "Oh man, so THAT'S why....?!!" reaction, then do more research on The Saturn Return because it doesn't just come once, but even thrice in a lifetime. The last cycle may catch you at 87, and honey, you had better have learned the lessons by then, or you are going to be one cantankerous old goat! Although a surly 28-year-old or 58-year-old is still pretty unpleasant.

What exactly happens during the ages of 27-30? Hmmm, why don't you tell me? Perhaps you're in a relationship now. Everything is blissful, perfect ... and yet ... you just want to be left ALONE, your partner doesn't UNDERSTAND you, you feel like you don't know whether to STAY or LEAVE. How about work? Normally you're content but all of a sudden there are other offers or major changes abound. You feel you're being pulled in all directions, the career path you've chosen is unfulfilling, your colleagues or your business partner PISS YOU OFF, or worse, you have just decided that life behind a desk is hell compared to making beaded underwear for a living. But so what? Life is nothing if one is not happy right?

Basically, as a whole, you're going nuts. The normal you is almost unrecognizable. Your family, colleagues, romantic partner and friends see you turning into something different—and they're right. Saturn asks you to "break" old patterns in your life, in order to sit your ass down, look you in the eye and say "Grow up, or get out."

True adulthood and wisdom are obligatory, because Saturn strips away illusions and points out limitations, allowing you to view yourself in a harsh, often unflattering light. At the same time, it endows you with prudence, practicality, and the perseverance to work hard toward achieving your purposes. When friends who are 27-30 or are dating someone of that age ask me advice about their current relationship (especially when it involves marriage) I shake my head and tell them to WAIT the period out.

But why, why, why? You moan. Because what is normally begun during this period is not long lasting. Relationships that have withstood distances, parental disapproval, racial and religious differences can fall flat when one goes through this period. The people and situations that enter your life in this season are literally being "used" by the Universe to teach YOU a lesson. You may even befriend someone suddenly who has recently passed a Saturn Return, because they know "exactly how you feel" even on a subconscious level.

If you, on the other hand have a friend who is going through his or her return, then you have to be the patient and understanding one. It is not an easy time. They'll be a little psycho—and trust me, so were you (ask your older friends or relatives). Sadly, 28-29 is the age when most suicides occur, because instead of growing up, the individual gives up.

Ok, wait, wait, wait, before you decide that this article stinks and you had been better off reading about the latest vote off on American Idol hear me out. There is good news ... this phase is temporary, and it's always for the best, because that is what change is for: the chance to renew, to rediscover and to recreate the path. This is meant for your absolute peace of mind and peace of heart.

Saturn brings to your attention what is important to you, to fill a void. Think of Saturn as that teacher you had in school, the one who was super strict but knew his stuff so even if the lessons were hard, you learned from him the most. That's what this planet is attempting to do with you, and it is a worthwhile education.

So what now? Should you dump the person, friend or career if it is indeed occurring during your Saturn Return? That is up to you. Let me clarify that the life lessons you have to endure are directly correlated to the quality of life you have lived during your 29 years. If you learn the lessons quickly and take them to heart then the dramas won't be as dramatic. Know this: If you truly, truly love who you are with and what you are doing, then this is just a bump on the road. And when you hit your 30s you can, like me, look back with a smile and say "Phew! Thanks for the lesson!" See you again in 29 years.



  1. i liken saturn return to final examinations in college particularly for subjects that you dread. it's scary and can be very disorienting but if you are prepared for it through sheer hard work and discipline, you would enter the examination day anxious but will emerge with a feeling of relief knowing that you've done your best. in the saturn return, sometimes preparation in not in someone's mind as not everyone is aware of this astrological phase. saturn return is a disciplinarian. once we shift our mindset towards disciplining ourselves, i think that's the first step to managing the saturn return phase. little known information about saturn is that it rewards later in life those who were able to develop discipline in all aspects of their life. this is easier said than done but that is exactly what discipline is about and therefore what Saturn, the Great Teacher, wants us to learn.

  2. thank you (and to kat) for this post. i hope you don't mind if i share the link on my wall.

  3. wow! Thank you for your post. I must admit that struck a chord in me! I am currently completing my 30 things before 30 and of course you are one of my inspirations too :) Keep up the great work ^^ oh, hope you dont midn me sharing this link n my blog? :) Thanks!

  4. Nico - Great analogy, Nico. Absolutely, it's a good time to really learn about yourself and reevaluate how you've been living your life. While the phase kicked my butt pretty hard, I am so much happier with the person I have become. So hold tight, the best is yet to come. Please feel free to share this link!

    Sweetness - Thank you so much for the sweet comment. Share away and best of luck!

  5. When I read your first post on this topic, I had a lightbulb moment. I wasn't goin neurotic!! Woohoo!!! Of course that didn't mean things were easier, but I surged on with the thought that all these crazyness shall pass. Thanks Celine and Kat for sharing this! More power to you both!

  6. So glad to be of help during this CRRRAAAZY time! I, for one, cannot wait to be out of it. Who knew I'd someday look forward to turning 30?!

  7. Hi, I'm only 27 but I am already feeling my Saturn Return in Libra in the 7th house. My SR will be on December 2011 but I started feeling the Dark Knight of The Soul when Saturn changed to Libra from Virgo. I've never been so down & bothered in my life as I am right now. This is the worst experience I've ever hard and I look down on myself beyond anything imaginable. I used to be a disciplined person and now I'm such a wreck. The good part is, the things I feared in the past are now coming to light. The insecurities are revealed, the fear, jealousies, the control issues, and the sexual side I concealed because of my discipline. The good thing is that the picture is getting clearing now. I am learning to confront these issues and get over with. The feeling that I've been there, done that. I hope I would be well-prepared for my Saturn Return. Is this a bad thing? I wonder if my Saturn Return comes, it will be worse than it is now. I've been doing a lot of soul-searching and correcting the mistakes I've made. Discipline & self-control. I've renewed my faith in God and I've never felt better in my entire life after this.

  8. Hi sweetie, thank you for leaving such an open and honest comment. I am by no means an expert on this topic (hopefully Kat will have a much better response) so you can take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

    I think your awareness is definitely a good thing. Most people spend their Saturn Return flailing about and thinking they're going barking mad. I think if you know what's coming, it's easier to keep your head and understand the lessons that you are being taught. Saturn is a tough teacher and a big disciplinarian but it sounds like you're being a good student.

    Stand strong. It'll all be over before you know it and you will be a much happier and settled person at the end of it, I promise!

  9. Hi everyone,
    First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you from the very bottom of my heart for reacting to my post and being open enough to read into its insights and to share your own experiences. I hope that it was helpful to you and your other friends who you were compassionate enough to share the information with.
    To those, especially the last person who commented, Saturn Returns IS a passing phase. It is not permanent although it is a great, great, teacher. My dear, if it hits you in your 7th house, then you know that it is all about your relationships, most importantly, the relationship you have with YOURSELF. I am not an expert on Western astrology, or on anything really, I just take up from my own experiences and those around me. If you are coming to terms with your emotions, insecurites your so-called shortcomings then yes, I agree with Celine, awareness is the BEST thing to ever happen to you. You are more in tune with what you are going through than others who will try to shelve or intellectualize their emotions and what they are going through.
    Will Saturn Returns when it hits make things "worse"? I really cannot answer that. That will be all up to you, with your being prepared for the emotional, mental and spiritual rollercoaster, just know that the ride will come to a stop sooner than later. Learn the lessons, stay with your changes and shifts, OBSERVE do not JUDGE them, and do NOT JUDGE YOURSELF. You are continuously growing, expanding, maturing, this is just part and parcel of the breakthroughs you will experience during this phase.
    Take a deep breath, find joy in your heart, find the light even in this dark night, it is there, you have access to it at all times. God has equipped you with EVERYTHING you need to who you need to be. It all starts with intention. So love yourself throughout this difficult period and it will carry you through.
    You are loved. All will be well.


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