Saturday, July 10, 2010

12.22 Random thoughts from my 12.22-mile run

Thank god my brain doesn't seem to shut up because it kept me quite entertained throughout my long run. Central Park's Outer Loop deserves credit too for offering up so much fodder for my silly brain. Here, 12.22 random thoughts from today's 12.22 mile run. 

1. People are really getting into this running barefoot thing. Five barefoot runners + 1 runner in Vibrams on the Outer Loop today.
2. There's a lot of spit lying around the Outer Loop.
2.22. I'll give you a moment to ruminate on #1 and #2.
3. I'm so getting some sauteed spinach with shrimp from the Chinese takeout place after this run. With white rice—none of that brown rice b*llsh*t.
4. It's a total mindf*ck running the same loop twice. Knowing I have to run Harlem Hill twice makes it very tempting to hightail it home instead of going again.
5. I curse a lot in my head while I run.
6. Must Google what all these people are lined up for. (Answer: to watch Al Pacino perform in Merchant of Venice. Now writhing in utter jealousy.)
7. People dance the Argentine tango in the park! Must add to my to-do list.
8. I don't have any sweat stains on my new running top! Oh wait, it's just completely soaked through.
9. I can't believe I just noticed that the drinking fountains are engraved with names and tributes. If I become crazy rich someday, I'm so donating a fountain. It'll have my name and the words "How do you like me now?" engraved on it.
10. Man, I love New York. (Yes, I get sentimental in between curses when I run)
11. While running in this heat generally sucks b*lls, it does have it's advantages. Hel-lo hot shirtless runners!
12. I'm gonna need 11 more random thoughts to get me through the New York marathon. Hopefully I won't have to devote a number to, "I just want to die."


  1. White rice all the way.

    Good job on the 12 miles!

  2. If you decide to do the Argentine tango, let me know. I'll join you. ~Lillian

  3. Sarah - I'm glad you feel the same!

    Lillian - absolutely! It looks soooo much fun!


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