Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Shoe Hunt - Part II

At my pole dancing class last Thursday, the other girls in my class looked at me as if I had two heads when I put on a regular pair of nude leather heels. What parallel universe is this that I'm the one who's weird because I'm not wearing platform Lucite heels? Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that they looked at me strangely because they knew I'd have a tough time dancing using my regular heels, which did in fact happen. I felt like my respectable stilettos resented getting scraped against a pole during climbs, and were therefore retaliating by threatening to fly off mid-spin. By the time class wrapped up, I felt it was imperative that I go and get myself a proper pair of Lucite-heeled exotic dancing shoes. 

So yesterday after a hearty, mildly hungover brunch at Good Restaurant, Mitch and Jenn accompanied me on a jaunt through the West Village sex shops to find the stripper heels of my dreams. I had my heart set on Ellie heels since that's what my teacher recommended, but the stores only had mules and I really wanted shoes with ankle straps. I ended up finding these surprisingly comfortable clear heels by Pleaser.
The stiletto heel's very high and needle-thin, but the tall platform compensates for that. It's pretty stable actually. After I made my selection, we wandered around the store musing over what we'd wear for Halloween and what would be a hysterical gift for the next bachelorette party we attend. Jenn and Mitch humored me and let me take pictures of them with the very odd headgear sold in this store ...
A pair of Lucite heels and a couple of mango margaritas later, I finally got home and found a new issue of Glamour in the mail. When I flipped through it, guess what I saw in one of their fashion stories ... more Lucite heels!
Mine cost me less than $60. I wonder how much Miuccia is charging for these? I have to say though, the ones on the left are pretty darn cute. I guess Lucite doesn't look as trashy with a thick heel. But too many elements of these shoes (the clear straps, for one) are so similar to the shoes that I just bought that I just can't take them seriously!

Anyway that's all I really have to say about that ... that and I can't wait to take my new shoes for a spin!


  1. those heels look damn FANTASTIC! Sexy but with just the right hint of slutty whilst still classy - I LIKE!! i'm inspired....

  2. I found you totally randomly, while looking online for photos of stripper shoes.
    I actually am a stripper, and just wrote a post on shoes -- the pros and cons of platforms, heel width, ankle straps, rubber soles, etc -- especially while pole dancing.
    You know the ironic thing? I'm about to turn the big 3-0, too, and I want to make a big change in my life.
    But while you seem to want to taste the wild stuff before 30, I want the opposite -- I finally want the sort of "normal", stable life outside the sex industry.

  3. Hey Cel, what program do you use to give your photos a vintage look?


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