Friday, April 01, 2011

Winners are simply willing to do what losers won't.

Tonight I spent an hour and change at my very first boxing session, so it was inevitable that I would get to thinking about Million Dollar Baby. This great quote is from that movie and I thought it would be a good thing to share and keep in my back pocket for the next time I need a good kick in the butt.

It's not because I have grand aspirations of being a champion boxer that I like this quote. As far as boxing is concerned, I'd be over the moon if I just learned how to jump rope like a boxer and if I could work that speed ball without looking like a kitten chasing string (more like Hillary, less like Monster Truck is the goal). What I like about this quote is its emphasis on the will to do something.

I wouldn't say that the last year has made me an expert on anything. I'm mediocre, at best, at the things I decided to tackle this year: running, poledancing, surfing, snowboarding—heck, even karaoke singing. But I already feel like I've won because it blows my mind to know how much I'm actually capable of. Now that I know what I can do, I can reach so much farther. All it took was the will to start.

So I hope this quote gives you a good push if there's something you've been putting off forever. Stop being the person who wants to do things or loves to talk about someday doing things. Be the person who just goes and does it.


  1. Oh man to be able to jump rope like a boxer would be awesome. Great encouragement with the start of the new month!

  2. Glad you liked it and that you agree jumping rope like a boxer is a goal in itself!

  3. I do really like thinking about what I've done or telling people what I've accomplished-it sounds like so much! And some things I can't believe I did it!

    I just want to punch that little speed bag "right"

  4. That little speed bag will be the bane of my existence until I get it!

    It is super fun to think of all you've done right? Imagine what it'll be like to get to 101?! Though knowing you, by the time you hit 101 that list will have turned into 500 ;-)


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