Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to make Mayan Coffee

Ingredients: coffee, alcohol, whipped cream, cherries, orange peel and a streak of pyromania.
I can't vouch for how authentic this is in terms of Mayan tradition since this spectacle did take place after a ho-hum dinner at Temptation Resort in Cancun. Zoe described it best as "a beautiful thing to behold (but tasted like a stale cigar)." It's still worth ordering though. Even though my regular morning cup of coffee tastes better than this, I gotta admit the guy has a few more tricks up his sleeve than my coffee cart guy on the corner of 46th and Madison.


  1. OK, I automatically love anything that is on fire! Great video.

  2. Right? The coffee itself doesn't hold a candle to Dunkin Donuts but fire is always AWESOME!


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