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Been There, Loved That: Céline and Ibiza

Meeting Céline was a stroke of good karma for me. She and our friend Kim had come to the "suite" (and I use that word liberally) that I was staying at in the Alumni Hall at the Fashion Institute of Technology to check out another room. Up until then, I was staying in a large room meant for two. I could've kept this great room a secret but since they both had a cool vibe, I showed them this far superior space. And thus I scored one of the greatest roommates ever (Kim) and a truly wonderful friend for life (Céline)!

Céline and I have become great friends through the years, and I truly love and admire her for her fun-loving spirit, indomitable will, awe-inspiring drive, boundless charm, and genuinely kind heart. She helped me get through some rough times, and I will always love her for that. But now that the dark days have passed, we are having the time of our lives! She invited me to join her in what's sure to be an epic Ibiza summer trip this year, and I am beyond excited! Read the interview below and see why this Ibiza trip ranks #1 on my 30 Before 30 list.

Tell me about yourself: Where are you from, what do you do for work, what do you do for fun, and on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love life?
Where I am from? Well, it is a little complicated. A quick answer to that question would be that I am from Belgium. Now, if we have time for a drink and a little chat I will tell you that I have a Belgian nationality but that I was actually born and raised in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Long story. For work, I am currently spending my days at the hottest advertising agency in New York City and loving it. For fun, I catch up with my friends, I plan a trip as often as possible, take some time off to visit my family, eat delicious food, drink cocktails, and always try to discover a new place. 10 is the answer of course. I thrive on enthusiasm.

How long have you been going to Ibiza?
At the age of 16, my friends and I planned our first trip to Ibiza. I immediately fell in love with this island full of surprises, entertainment, and stunning scenery. Since then the tradition began and I rarely missed an occasion to return. This year will be my 11th year.

How has your Ibiza experience changed throughout the years?
My experience in Ibiza gets better every year. Not because of the activities, the clubs, and the beaches but mostly because throughout the years, my friends and I have learned the tricks, gotten into the selective places, and continued to discover activities and charming places.

What's your favorite Ibiza memory?
My favorite memories are the foam parties and our sailing trip to Formentera, a small neighboring island.

What's the craziest thing you've seen in Ibiza?
They are a lot of crazy things happening in Ibiza that I won’t describe. But the craziest thing I find about this island is that everyone is there for a good time.

Describe your typical day in Ibiza.
Let’s start with a typical night in Ibiza. It is about 9:00pm, we are all getting ready for dinner at the villa, we play games, and sip cocktails with the music blasting. Then it’s time to get ready, get your bling on, and get pumped for the night ahead. Take lots of pictures, play more games, more music, and then we are on our way to the city center. Walking next to the marina, looking for VIP tickets, having another drink, watching the parades, and around 3AM it is dancing time. Next thing we know, the sun is up when we are going home, the villa is quiet, the sun is vibrant, and we are all asleep for a few hours before we all meet at the pool and plan a trip to the beach. Then, again it’s time for dinner …

What are your favorite spots and things to do there?
Ibiza is an island that suits everyone for the simple reasons that you can have as much fun and debauchery as you want, then you can rest, wander in the old city, or bargain at the hippie market. And for that reason, I don’t have favorite spots. It all depends on the people you are with and what mood you are in.

In my case, I have to say that Can Piedra Azul, the villa we live in during our stay, is a place I cherish more than any other house I have grown up in.

What makes Ibiza different from every other place? 
What makes Ibiza a unique place, is that everyone is set for a good time.

Is there something special that you like about Ibiza that you think not many people know about?
I believe that most of the tourists who visit Ibiza for a week of madness do not realize that during off-season, the island is mostly populated with the nicest and most authentic people. Indeed, the Ibizencos are joyful, charming and sometimes a bit folkloric. From the supermarket owner to the old man sitting in front of the village church, there are plenty of inhabitants living a very simple life.

If I could only use 5 Spanish words/phrases for an entire day in Ibiza, what should they be? (because, let's be honest, it might get to that point)
"Hola guapo"
"uno mas"
"pan con jamon"

You've traveled pretty much everywhere. What are your 5 favorite spots in the world and why?
Ibiza for a fun and sunny time with my friends; Brussels because this is what I consider my home, Kinshasa because of old memories; New York because if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere; and Hong Kong because it’s the Asian hub full of opportunities.

Top 5 things you're glad you've already done:
I’m glad I have lived and travelled on several continents. I’m glad I have found friends on every corner of the planet that I can truly count on. I’m glad I have seen some of the most epic monuments in the world. I’m glad I have always made my family a priority and I’m glad that so far I have no regrets.

Top 5 things you still want to do:
I want to learn Chinese; take Tango classes; live somewhere in Asia; have my own horse; and start an MBA.

What makes you keep coming back to Ibiza?
I will leave this blank for you to answer when we are back from the island!

If this interview didn't whet your appetite for a week of bliss and debauchery in Ibiza, then I don't know what will! I am literally counting down the days til my plane takes off for this amazing island. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Cél, and muchisimas gracias for taking me along on what's sure to be one heck of a ride!

Images  courtesy of Céline (1st and 2nd) and (3rd and 4th)


  1. Very exciting! She's also gorgeous! I've been wanting to go to Ibiza since I was in college but never had the guts! Maybe it can be part of my 31 before 31? Hahaha! Keep up the good work, Celine!

  2. "Hola guapo"
    "uno mas"
    "pan con jamon"
    Hahaha!! great interview, girls!!

  3. Jan - hahaha that's so funny, I think I'm halfway done with a 35 Before 35 list already, and I haven't even gotten through this one! You should TOTALLY do it! Good luck to you too!

    Alida - glad our Spanish-speaking friend appreciated that one! hahaha ... in other news, WHEN ARE YOU GONNA START BLOGGING AGAIN?!

  4. Ibiza is one of my favorite destination all over the world,not only for it's luxurious nightlife but also for it's 575 square kilometers with 50 breathtaking beaches, spectacular cliffs and soft, white sand beaches..

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  5. Fine interview. Absolutely agree. Moved last year from CA to Ibiza. A living dream..
    Made some other research, discovered your site - very cool!
    You guys are invited next year to enjoy the sunset on my terrace with view to the castle and Formentera.. :-)

  6. I'm sorry for replying just now and I hope you're still gonna spot this reply at some point but I badly want to take you up on that offer Chris! You are one lucky guy!

  7. Ibiza looks so amazing. I would love to visit. I've only been to Barcelona. You guys really managed to cram a to in during your trip. Looks like you had a great time. And sangria yes yes yes. Who needs food? :)
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