Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Been There, Loved That: Tisha & Skydiving

Introducing a new section on the blog I'm calling "Been There, Loved That." I can attribute a lot of items on my list to friends who have done these things before and just absolutely enjoyed the experience. So I will be posting their experiences on this blog to inspire myself and readers to just go for it!

First up is my friend Tisha Ang, who has had me thinking about jumping off a plane for the last three years. She literally took the leap in 2006, when she was living in New York and taking a course at Columbia University. She returned to the Philippines later that year to tend to Martish, the business she runs with her cousin. What started out as a Havaianas sub-distributorship in Southern and Eastern Mindanao has now evolved into a lifestyle boutique carrying numerous clothing and accessories brands in Tisha's hometown, Davao.

Tisha and her friend Franz embarked on the skydiving adventure together, taking the 11AM train from Penn Station to Mastic Shirley. From there they took a 30-minute cab drive to Calverton, where Long Island Skydiving's drop zone is located. In a 45-minute whirlwind, they trained, suited up, jumped off the plane and landed safely on the ground. "So quick for a lifetime experience!" exclaims Tisha. Here's more of what the experience was like, in Tisha's own words ... 

What on earth made you jump out of a plane?
Part of my bucket list as well. I was going through my adventurous stage. Pretty much what you are going through right now, I believe. =P

What were you thinking before you jumped off that plane?
OH SHIT. It was a random idea that I pursued without really giving it much thought. I never really dug into details so up until the plane took off, it was the only time I questioned what I was doing.

What were you thinking while you were falling?
Pure excitement. Amazing feeling, no ounce of fear.

What did it feel like falling through the sky?
I felt like i was flying. The air was pushing against me from below which made me feel like there was a string attached on my back pulling me up. Definitely didn't feel like I was falling. (It was) exactly one minute of free fall—just about right. I was fortunate enough to stabilize soon after i jumped, giving me enough time to look around and enjoy every bit of it.

Any tips for other people who want to do it?
Just book it and do it. Don't think about it too much.

Would you do it again?
If it were free, yes.

What's the next adventure for you?
Nothing too life threatening, that's for sure. I am no longer a drifter. I've slowed down a lot and have way more responsibilities other than myself now. =p

Things you're glad you've already done:
In no particular order:
  1. Skydiving.
  2. Swimming with whale sharks in Donsol and wild dolphins in Ozamis.
  3. Crossing a river 27 times to deliver school books for indigenous children up a mountain.
  4. Missionary work—lived in a town without a bathroom or electricity for 5 days.
  5. Traveling in general. Around the world and in my own country.
  6. Exploring the underworld. Swimming with sharks, barracudas—Tubbataha etc. I am so glad I got into diving.
Things you still want to do?
I definitely want to continue traveling and explore places I haven't been to. I would also like to take cooking classes around southeast Asian countries and immerse myself in their local cuisine—lutong bahay. Not as a career but just as a hobby and for the love of Asian food.

Thanks for telling us about your amazing experience Tish! Stay tuned for more stories from people who've been there, done that, got the t-shirt! And if you have amazing stories of your own to tell, do drop me a line!

P.S. Wasn't her tandem jump instructor just HOT?!? Worth trekking all the way to Calverton for, must say!

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