Monday, November 15, 2010

I Need a Vacation

Today it felt like months of exhaustion finally caught up with me. Last Sunday, I ran 26.2 miles. Today, my biggest accomplishment was a three hour nap. And I'm still tired.

I need a vacation. The next one on the horizon is a trip to Mexico to set my eyes on Chichen Itza and perhaps to unleash my Spanish on an unsuspecting local. I guess it's time to get cracking on those plans. This hysterical Iberostar commercial definitely got me in the mood.
Ok back to bed. Hope you all had a restful weekend, and that you're nice and charged up for the week ahead!



  1. Go, go go! We stayed at the Iberostar and it was muy delicioso :) The Chichen Itza dehydrated the hell out of me, too but it was worth it :)

  2. hey cel! i love love love mexico (especially the yucatan)! apart from chichen-itza, i recommend seeing the ruins in coba and tulum if you have time. aqui estan cuentos de mis viajes en setiembre pasado:

    si quieres, te puedo compartir algun consejo acerca de mexico. :)

    suerte para ti!


  3. Tara - oooh I really have to dig into your Chichen Itza post again and get the juicy details!
    Den - I did see that post! I don't have too much time (and funds) though, and it seems Cancun will be the more affordable (if touristy) alternative. Oh well! Coba and Tulum will have to be on the next list!

  4. good luck on your vacation. Have a safe trip! enjoy


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