Thursday, November 04, 2010

On Course

I've been caught up in such a whirlwind of work, friends and fun these past few weeks that it feels like the marathon just snuck up on me. I can't believe it's in THREE DAYS! There's so much I'd like to write but there isn't enough time to hammer out an insightful post just now, so let me focus on one practical thing today.

Some of my nearest and dearest have been so sweet as to actually want to come out and show some love during the marathon. So for those who have gallantly offered to cheer/heckle/attempt to lure me off the course with beer, here are my projected times for each mile marker: 
Click here for a larger view.

Mile 1: midpoint of Verrazano Bridge
10:52 AM

Mile 2: Fort Hamilton Parkway near 92nd Street
11:03 AM
Mile 3: Bay Ridge
11:14 AM
Mile 4: 63rd St. and Fourth Ave. 
11:25 AM
Mile 5: 43rd St. and Fourth Ave.
11:36 AM
Mile 6: 21st St. and Fourth Ave.
11:47 AM
Mile 7: 4th St. and Fourth Ave.
11:58 AM
Mile 8: Atlantic Ave. and Lafayette Ave.
12:09 PM
Mile 9: Lafayette Ave. and Classon Ave.
12:20 PM
Mile 10: Bedford Ave. and BQE
12:31 PM
Mile 11: Bedford Ave. and S 3rd St
12:42 PM
Mile 12: Bedford Ave. and Manhattan Ave. (McCarren Park)
12:53 PM
Mile 13: McGuinness Blvd. (halfway between Greenpoint Ave. and Pulaski Bridge)
1:04 PM

Mile 14: Vernon Blvd. and 44th Dr. (Hunters Point)
1:15 PM
Mile 15: Queens Blvd. on the approach to Queensboro Bridge
1:26 PM

Mile 16: Queensboro Bridge into First Avenue!
1:37 PM
Mile 17: First Ave. and E 77th St.
1:48 PM
Mile 18: First Ave. and E 97th St.
1:59 PM
Mile 19: First Ave. and E 117th St.
2:10 PM

Mile 20: 135th St. off Willis Ave.
2:21 PM

Mile 21: off Madison Ave. Bridge
2:32 PM
Mile 22: Marcus Garvey Memorial Park
2:43 PM
Mile 23: Fifth Ave. and E 102nd St.
2:54 PM
Mile 24: Central Park (just off Engineer's Gate near E 86th St.)
3:05 PM
Mile 25: Central Park (near E 66th St.)
3:16 PM
Mile 26: Central Park (off the Lower Loop near Columbus Circle)
3:27 PM
BIG FINISH: Tavern on the Green
3:30 PM

Since I am but a newbie runner, however, I think of this more as a wish list than an actual plan. I will be a very happy little girl if I'm able to run/walk/hobble at a consistent 11-minute per mile pace. And I will forever be grateful to those willing to brave the cold and the mad New York streets to give me and 30,000 other crazy runners a much-needed boost.

To those who have patiently followed my obsessive training and random ramblings on this blog, a massive thanks as well. This run is dedicated to all the other crazy optimists out there chasing a dream. Cross your toes and fingers for me!



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