Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm thankful for ...

Thanksgiving last year was a very difficult time in my life. The life that I had spent the last three years building had just shattered to pieces. I felt hollow inside, aimless and alone.

The memory of that desolate time makes me that much more thankful for the life that I have today. The most simple and yet stunning revelation I've had over the last year is that even though I am single, I am the farthest thing from alone. I have a wonderful family that has loved me unconditionally whether I'm being brilliant or terribly irrational. And I have been truly blessed to have a life full of the greatest friends one can hope for. When you spend a year being "single" and yet always have someone amazing to share a cold beer, indulgent meal, extraordinary experience, revelatory conversation, free-for-all night of dancing, hours-long run, eye-opening road trip, or chill day of surfing with ... it truly restores your self-worth. It makes you feel that you are a person worth knowing, worth spending time with, and worth loving.

So to all of you who have been with me through this amazing year, whether physically or simply giving your support from miles away, thank you. You have helped me to pick up the pieces and rebuild myself into a stronger, happier and hopefully better person than I have ever been.

Thank you all for making life a privilege to live.



  1. Beautifully said, Celine! :) Been following your blog and just been so inspired! Panalow! --alexis

  2. Hello there, Celine!

    Continue to write... your blogs have been very uplifting to ambitious women out there!

  3. TJ - Thank you so much! I just checked out your blog. What an amazing idea to document your firsts! Keep it up, and happy thanksgiving to you.
    prettywicked - HT to you too!

  4. Hello Celine, your blog has been an inspiration to many, not only to aggressive and ambitious women but to those who wants to start picking up of what's left of their life after a big storm.

    I pray that you will continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to all women out there!

    Ad astra per aspera! To the stars through difficulties!

  5. Thank you Tetet, and if I have helped in any small way I am so glad to hear that! Makes everything worthwhile.

  6. Celine,

    I just want you to know that you are a personal inspiration. God bless :-)


  7. Thank you so much Angel. You don't know how much these comments mean to me! Hearing that really makes all the work worth it :-) God bless you too!


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