Thursday, April 01, 2010

My First Run

I couldn't have picked a more beautiful time or place to do my first run. The reservoir was beautiful this afternoon. Blue skies, a golden setting sun, calm waters, cherry blossoms starting to bloom, and a duck or two wandering on the jogging path. I was probably the slowest runner there (I mean it, a lot of silver-haired folks were just zipping past me!) but I'm pretty sure I was the happiest. How can you not be when you're running with all of this around you? 

I ran with a goofy grin, even when my stupid malfunctioning Nike + sensor kept insisting an hour later that I had only run 0.98 miles (the reservoir jogging path measures 1.58 miles and I ran at least 3 loops). Me being daft and having utmost faith in the Apple/Nike lovechild, actually believed the sensor's erroneous reports until I figured out the length of the path much, much later. I guess it's for the better because I wouldn't have kept on running if the stupid sensor hadn't been messing with my ego. I was only aiming for 2 miles today but ended up running at least 4.5, albeit at a glacial pace. I don't mind. It'll be fun to see what I can push myself to do with religious training.

In other related news ... I love my Asics Nimbus kicks! I've never owned a proper running shoe before, especially not one picked specifically for my arch and the way I run, so it was a real treat running with these. I have a very high arch and according to the salesperson at the Asics store, my feet get very unstable when I walk. The Nimbus cushions the heel and forefoot with gel pads and a Solyte cap, so I really felt like I was running on springy marshmallows. The tongue lining even has memory foam so it molds to the runners foot! LOVE. It is a pretty pricey shoe at $125, but worth every penny. As far as I'm concerned, an injury is more costly so I will invest as much as I can in a shoe that'll protect me from myself.

That's all for today. I'm wiped out from the run and slightly incoherent from stuffing myself with soup dumplings. Looking forward to a quiet Easter weekend with family. I hope you'll have a great one too! 

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