Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bikram Calls

I think the universe is plotting to get me back into the Bikram studio! I haven't been back in the heat since I completed the 30-day Bikram challenge last March. I literally have not done another pose since this standing bow-pulling pose on the right. A week after that picture was taken, I got the news that I'd gotten into the New York marathon and my active life was completely taken over by running since. But now that temperatures have dropped and I'm feeling tortured every time I have to get on the treadmill, going back into the hot room seems like a good idea. Today's Groupon makes it seem like an even better idea. Bikram Yoga Union Square's unlimited monthly $180 fee has been slashed to just $39! The only thing that's got me thinking is that it's only valid until June 27, 2011. With my crazy schedule, I'm not really sure when I can fit this month in. Sometimes I just wish I could clone myself!

If you've been looking to get into Bikram though, this is the perfect opportunity. Bikram Yoga Union Square is, bar none, the nicest Bikram studio in the city with a large hot room, great teachers, and the cleanest locker rooms and shower space. It can get a little crazy right after work but if you're a morning person or you don't mind taking the last class of the day, those classes are quite ideal. I personally love taking the first class of the day because there's never more than a dozen people in them and it's just an amazing way to start your day. Are you up for the challenge? Check out the deal here!

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