Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011

Holy moly, I've got exactly five months left to cross off the rest of my list! I've got a lot of traveling to do! Here's what I have to look forward to in 2011:

The first destination on my calendar: Cancun for Chichen Itza-exploring, mezcal-chugging + worm-chowing, Español-unleashing and tan-retouching.

Then, New Orleans during Mardi Gras for bead-gathering, hurricane-guzzling and beignet-inhaling.

A long weekend in Cali to rock out at Coachella.

And the grand finale: a visit to the Motherland to swim in a volcano crater, spelunk into a cave and swim with whale sharks.
It's gonna be extremely tricky on the financial front but I'm hoping luck will throw me a few bones along the way. Failing that, I like ramen and Spam a lot, I've ceased to shop for myself, and I am ready to give up even more weekends and evenings to log in overtime work. The way I see it, money can always be earned but you can never get back time that's already passed you by. There aren't many times in one's life when it's okay to be a little irresponsible and follow your heart's desires. So I give myself five more months of living in the moment—after that, adulthood, take me away ...

For now though, I am a kid with eyes squeezed shut hoping I'm on Santa's nice list!


  1. Two Sisters Kitchen
    223 N Derbigny St
    New Orleans, LA 70112

    home cooking. large portions. moderately price. enjoy.

  2. NICE! Thank you Susan! Any dishes in particular that you'd recommend?

  3. Pinatubo crater is on my summer list, too! =) I have photographer frieds who hold summer treks yearly and it's budget friendly too. If you're interested, just buzz me. =)Would love to help you cross it out your list.

  4. Oh how fun!!! Coachella is going to be awesome. I went in 07 (decided I couldn't go back because I just can't handle the heat in the desert!) and saw Arcade Fire, Bjork, Justice, etc. Just a heads up, it really does get hot and they don't let you bring water in (as usual) but they sure do have a HUGE beer garden. If you haven't booked your lodging, you might want to do it now because it gets really hard/expensive as the dates get closer.

    I've been to Chichen-Itza and it's awesome. If you do any other excursions, always make sure to bring a bikini because sometimes they take you snorkeling without telling you which is actually a nice surprise. Not sure if you already booked Cancun but Cancun is pretty wild and broski'd out with crazy college kids. I also suggest you look into Tulum or Playa del Carmen (love that place, the locals are amazing).

    Aw I'm so excited you get to go to the Philippines! I've only been there twice but maybe someday I can go back! It's just so hot, man.

    Anyway good luck. I am looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures in 2011. :-)

  5. Dang - Thanks I will definitely let you know once I start planning Pinatubo!

    Jan - Is camping a good option at all or is it too nuts? I should probably look into hotels as early as now. Thanks for the tip! A BEER GARDEN?!? You just made me look forward to this 100% more!

    I was originally looking at Playa del Carmen since Cancun is so spring break-y. But Cancun is much cheaper, they have all-inclusives and its closer to Chichen Itza which is my dream spot to explore. But a future visit to Playa del Carmen is def in the books! Thank you so much for following and wishing you more amazing adventures as well in 2011!

  6. Hi Celine! I am Maggie and a Filipina! Kamusta?
    This mini-project of yours has been an inspirations to me. I just turned 26 just last November and I am planning to have my own 30 before 30 list. I've shared your blog to my friends and they're making their own list as well! We will compare notes and hopefully accomplish all of them and do even more! I have 4 more years left. :)

    It's nice to hear that you'll be visiting the Philippines next year! Hope to see you:)

  7. Hi Maggie! So happy to hear that you and your friends are starting your own lists! I am already thinking of my next list, it's just so much fun :-) Keep me posted on your progress and hopefully I'll run into you when I visit the Philippines next year!

  8. Hi Celine!!!! Planning Pinatubo and Donsol this year too!!! I have friends who organize these type of trips, mostly for photogs/hobbyists. They also do personalized trips depending on how big the group is. Lemme know if you're interested so I can hook you up.

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Happy new year!!!!

  9. OMG, Celine! Just a few more! :) And you're right, we can't buy back the time that passed us by!

    A little bit of suggestion, you might want to string Coachella and Cancun since it's so close together. Then fly from Tijuana to Cancun to save. :) I flew from Tijuana and noticed (and overheard) many Americans coming from a roadtrip from there and just flying. Just a suggestion :)

    Anyhoo, I never got to blog about my Chichen Itza adventure but don't forget to bring bottles of water! Surely is a long and hot walk and oh on the way, don't forget to go diving at the cenote (some 20 or 50 ft. was it). Super fun!

    Excited for you, Celine! And thank you again for this very very bright idea. I have been able to do so much because of this :)

  10. prettywicked - Thanks! Let me check with friends. If they haven't begun planning then I'll def hit you up for tips. Thanks a bunch! Happy new year to you too!

    Tara - Wow brilliant idea! I had actually thought of stringing together Cali + Manila. But so true, I could totally add in Cancun and save on airfare! Hmm gotta take a good look at my calendar to see ;-) Please write that Chichen Itza blog post! I am dying to read, as your other readers are, I'm sure! And you are soooo welcome! It is so awesome to see other fearless femmes going through a similar experience and enjoying their lives more as a result. Cheers to an even more awesome 2011!!!

  11. Good luck Celine!!!

    Cheering for you here in Cebu!

  12. Can't wait for your Donsol entry!!!! I have to say, I love reading your adventures, Celine :) Have a great 2011!!

  13. Thank you Tetet and Kira! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU BOTH!


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