Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Different Kind of Marathon

I feel I owe the readers of this blog an explanation for why I went mute for two weeks. Here's a short photo essay explaining my absence ...

I went off the "30 Before 30" program a little bit and just let myself live life without goals or agendas. I did keep running and going to physical therapy to get my knee in tiptop shape (which it's now in, whipee!) but due to overindulgence in the a-aaa-a-alcohol, the only marathon I was fit for during the past two weeks would've been a drinking marathon. Starting this week, though, I'm back on the program. On Saturday, I'm running my first 10K in Newport, New Jersey as part of my preparation for the marathon in November. So I'm trying to eat healthier and bring down the drinking a notch (let's be realistic here, it's not going away). Hopefully, I can squeeze in a walk on Brooklyn Bridge, weasel a motorcycle ride out of a certain someone, and drag other certain someones into a pole-dancing class in the next few weeks. After all, my 29th is fast approaching—which means 3-0 will just smack me in the head before I know it. I'm getting a move on, I swear! 

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