Sunday, May 09, 2010

I Survived My First 10K!

The Newport 10K Race is one that a lot of runners take very seriously. It's one of the flattest courses in the Tristate Area so it is a great opportunity to run one's personal best. I have to say, my fellow runners today were pretty much in the zone. Clearly, my goal for this race was a bit different.

"You ran with a camera AND you stopped for a picture with Elvis?!" one of my runner friends said incredulously.

"I'd never forgive myself if I missed a picture with Elvis," I said. "Besides I didn't just stop for that picture. I also took one of the New York skyline!"

I think my friend had to suppress a facepalm at that one. But it was a great shot and I don't regret slowing down to take it for a second ... 

... okay maybe I regretted it when the rain started pouring down 2 minutes later, but now that I'm warm and dry, I am quite happy about it.

I ran my first 10K today after running for just about a month so I didn't really have very high expectations of myself. I ran without thoughts of personal bests or competing with the people around me. It was my first race ever and all I really wanted to do was finish it and enjoy it. So I waved at babies and kids on the streets, posed with Elvis at a turn, and took in the New York skyline when we hit the stretch by the water. I did end up paying for going at such an easy pace because when the rain came down about 45 minutes into the race, I got completely drenched because of course I was nowhere near the finish line.

In addition to my uncontrollable urge to interact with the locals, my utter cluelessness about distances and racing in general also threw me for a loop today. As you may have gathered from this old post, I am totally useless at figuring out if I've already run a mile, particularly if I'm not familiar with the course I'm running. At the 10K race, there were numbered markers along with timers showing the elapsed time. Runners know that these are mile markers. But if you're me, here's what goes on in your head, "Hmm. I wonder if that marker means I've run 1 mile or 1 kilometer? It feels like I've run 1 mile, but why the hell would someone mark a 10-kilometer run in miles?"

Come on. You have to agree, my argument makes perfect sense, right? Thank you.

So eventually, I pass the 6-mile mark and I'm thinking, wow, I have 4 more to go? I must be running really slow today. But I feel good and nothing hurts, so I just keep happily trotting about at a comfortable pace until I turn a corner and wham! It's the finish line and my friends are at the sidelines whooping it up for me. I sprint like mad to the finish line, throwing my arms up like Rocky, and slamming a high five into Dante's hand, all the while simultaneously laughing at my absolute inanity. Had I known I was that close, I would've sprinted much earlier of course, but whatever. This makes for a much more entertaining story anyway, doesn't it?

In any case, I'm still amazed at the time that I ran the race in. I actually made it out in 1:11:38.45 (and without catching pneumonia, thankyouverymuch), even after galavanting with Elvis and playing the tourist in New Jersey. I kid you not, I was convinced it would take me an hour and a half because I'm really sloooow. So it's nice to see that I'm actually not as terrible as I think I am, and it's motivating to see if I can do better next time. But most importantly, I really had a great time today and I can't wait to run some more! For now though, it is time for some much deserved sleep. Til the next run!


  1. i love this! congratulations :)
    im training right now as well. im knocking off two things: 1. get in the best shape ever and 2. run a marathon
    training is intense! i find myself getting kind of bored when i run (im the yoga and dance classes type of girl) any tips for training?

  2. Hey Jodi! I'm a yoga and dance classes type of girl too but I've really taken a liking to running. Best way to do it is to run somewhere beautiful: a park, a nice trail. A gorgeous view always keeps things interesting. And a great playlist on your iPod always helps!

    So glad you're doing this! It really is the best way to get in the best shape of your life. Keep me posted!

  3. thanks! definitely great tips :)
    also, i might be running the marathon next year... i got into nyu!


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