Friday, May 21, 2010

28 Random Things ...

... I'm glad I did by 28:

1. Had a job that had me traveling to luxury hotels and resorts all over Asia, and writing about the experience.
I was working in every single one of these pictures. I'm not even kidding.

2. Performed the part of Sugar Plum Fairy after 12 years of dancing ballet.
3. Moved to a city I knew zilch about (Stuttgart) whose language I couldn't speak a word of (German) and had a blast living there for half a year.
This explains why I still can't speak German.

4. Traveled to Rome and Florence completely solo.

5. Paid the Grasshopper a visit in Amsterdam.

6. Got tossed into a fountain in Stuttgart in the pouring rain, and lived to party another day.
7. Went to a German bierfest, and like everyone said I would, magically knew the words to the songs after downing a few Steins.

8. Successfully weaseled a visa out of the German consulate after getting myself stranded in Prague.
9. Enjoyed the sheer luxury of Amanpulo ... for work!
This stretch of beach was just for little ole' me. Seriously.

10. Went on my first dive (must do the next one before I hit 35!).
11. Watched a Crazy Horse show.

12. Saw the Banaue Rice Terraces, the Chocolate Hills, and those awesome little tarsiers.

13. Found a new home in my beloved New York—one hand in the air for the big city!

14. Worked at a German biergarten, got whopped on the head with 5 Steins, and lived to tell the tale.
The things I would put up with for access to 2 liters of beer

15. Literally sewed a model into a dress before sending her down the runway at New York Fashion Week.
I got that girl into that dress and down the runway for Tuleh's Spring 2008 show in Bryant Park

16. After cluelessly wandering into a strip club, received an impromptu lapdance from two DD strippers (that I did not ask or pay for), heavily reinforcing my conviction that I am in fact very straight.
17. Worked at a Vanity Fair gatefold cover shoot photographed by Annie Liebovitz and featuring young Hollywood stars like Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, America Fereira and Ellen Page while working at Cartier's PR department.

18. Gorged on the delicious food and wine that Napa Valley and Chianti had to offer.

19. Fulfilled a "must do before I die" wish by finally going to a U2 concert ...

20. ... and saw Barack Obama address the General Assembly, all in the same day!

21. Feasted on a phenomenal Omakase at Tsukiji Fish Market—complete with still-moving sushi!

22. Outdrank most of the groom's party at an Indian wedding, earning me the title "Best Pound for Pound Drinker."
23. Had a Sarah Jessica Parker sighting at Nobu Next Door in New York.
24. Finally got into Bikram Yoga.

25. Attended Santacon.

26. Survived a brutal breakup and came out alive and kicking.
27. Rang in the New Year watching fireworks over the Statue of Liberty.

28. Started a project that is making me learn more and more about myself and how much drive, guts and determination this little person can hold every single day.

It's been an amazing 28 years, and I am grateful for everything I've experienced. Twenty-nine, you'd better bring it!


    1. Awesome list.:) Twenty-nine is a good year! You'll have a blast, for sure!:) Happy birthday!

    2. oooh very proud of you cel! 26 made you a better and stronger person! I'm really happy for you! goodluck!

    3. You've done such great things! I hope you don't stop at 30 and suspect you won't. Happy birthday!

    4. Cel! you're an inspiration. Have a wonderful time!


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