Monday, May 17, 2010

Aerial Silks Class #3

So ... progress on "Learn the art of aerial silks" is a tiny bit slow. It's tough to attend classes consistently when there's only one teacher that you like and you're scared of going to the location once darkness falls. I keep saying, "Ok, one more class and I'll tick this off my list!" But I always see another student doing seriously cool stuff during class and it keeps making me bargain with myself to just do one more ...

... and so I will go to at least one more class. I'll try to remember for next time though that it's best not to be overly generous with beer and overly stingy with sleep the night before a class. While I didn't do all that badly, I was pretty brain dead and not-too-retentive. The pictures below look cool but getting to each pose must have been terrible for the teacher, who had to repeat every instruction at least 3 times before I got it.

For instance: "Ok now hook your knee around the fabric ... no not your ankle, hook your knee ... you're hooking your ankle. THE KNEE!"

And: "Ok, now pull the fabric with your left hand and keep that arm straight. And your right hand just lets go of the fabric ... keep your left arm straight ... you HAVE to keep your left arm straight."

In my brain (which is on a 5-second delay, hence the teacher's need to repeat everything 3 times): "My right ... what? Which one's my right again? Um ... wait, what?! You want me to let go with the hand that's keeping me hanging on this fabric?! Are you crazy?!" 

In my defense, things are extremely confusing when you're hanging upside down from a piece of fabric. Telling your right from your left becomes as difficult as figuring out the square root of 573,496. Also, it's tough when you're not entirely sure what you're doing WHILE you're hanging off said fabric. Now that I'm looking at the pictures, it's pretty clear that holding my left out straight would be a great way to keep me on the fabric and off the floor. Good to know for next time!

Kate, as usual, was doing some gorgeous things high up above the ground. I wish I had better pictures, but again, brain dead ...

See how Kate makes aerial silks teachers smile with her beautiful lines and general amazingness? They tend to look more worried when I'm on the silks. PS: I'm doing the same pose Kate's doing above, just um, barely a foot from the ground.

Oh well. At least I'm trying. I think I've even convinced myself that my upper body is getting somewhat stronger from all this. Maybe one day it'll all just click ...


  1. We did this sa STEPS before! Sina Kat and Choie and the rest with Ate Julie. This is so much fun. But lotsa upper body strength is required. I tried this after a year when I first learned this and I couldn't raise my arms! Kudos Cel! Saya!

  2. It really is so much harder than it looks! Kaya pala nasa Cirque du Soleil ... hahaha ;-)

  3. Hahahaha. Exactly! You'll miss this one for sure.


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