Monday, May 24, 2010

Bronx Half Marathon—SIGNED UP!

Like a lot of items on my list, I have to admit that I didn't give "Run a marathon" that much thought. What can I say, I'm terribly impulsive and delusional. But I'm also very stubborn, so even when it finally hit me how crazy this idea was, I decided I would just dig my heels in and go for it. My friend Mike, who has run several marathons, told me that I have to slowly build my way up to the marathon by doing shorter races. A few weeks ago, I did my first 10K race and I'm doing another 10K on June 12, just because the last one was so fun. But since that milestone's been checked off, I thought it was time to whip out the credit card for the next one: a half marathon. The Bronx Half Marathon is taking place on August 15, so I have a little more than two months to double my current mileage and then some. But hey, I went from zero to six in one month, so with a lot more maniacal training and a pinch of delusion, I think I can totally do this!


  1. Wow this is amazing! I was searching for bucket list ideas before 30 to start my own blog and your site was the second one to pop up on google search! I'm very impressed and we actually have some (albeit only a few) of the same goals! I'm running my first 5k this Saturday (I was very out of shape for over a year) and am very nervous. Good luck on your marathon and I am here to support you!

  2. I found your blog interesting. I feel like I might have bumped into you on the West Side Highway running track, near Chelsea Piers, but I could be wrong.
    In any case, I am running the Bronx half as well and voluntarily or not, I will have my eyes open for you.


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