Friday, June 04, 2010

Sleep and Run

Oh the unassailable logic of waking up in running clothes ...

I was doing pretty well at running last week, putting in a few 6-milers every other day. And then Memorial Day weekend rolled around and I spent 4 lovely days sleeping in, tanning, and pigging out in the Adirondacks with my lovely friends Céline and Alida. By the time I got back into the city, my rhythm was shot and I could barely wake up on time for work in the morning, let alone for an early run. Last night, I decided I just simply had to get my rhythm back and do a morning run, no matter what. Unfortunately, my resolve is never as strong at 7AM as it is at 11PM, so I had to make it difficult for myself to flake out. So I slept wearing my sports bra, running shirt and shorts so that all I had left to put on in the morning were socks and shoes. It is an amazing tactic for getting your butt in gear. There's not much else you can do when you wake up already dressed to run.

In other news, the morning sun reflecting off the reservoir is starting to give me the beginnings of a serious tan. I have to stop running in t-shirts and start wearing sleeveless running tops, or else endure unsightly tan lines for the summer. Any suggestions on brands, websites or stores that I can hit up for cute tops that wick away sweat and are properly lined?

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