Tuesday, August 31, 2010

#11: Go on a classic American road trip—CHECK!

Days on the Road: 7
Miles traveled: 1158
States visited: 3
Parks seen: 6
Hikes done: 3
Campsites used: 4
Fires lit: 4
Showers taken: 3
Injuries noted: 1 stubbed toe, 2 windburned faces, 4 car scratches, 1 drowned hummus, 1 drowned chili, 1 broken tent pole

It was a trip fraught with mishaps in the beginning. From Kate's wallet getting stolen (and with it her UK driver's license) to me getting unceremoniously flunked by my examiner in my quest to get a driver's license, we feared our road trip was doomed ... But I'm glad to report that Kate and I made it back to New York today, safe and sound, without anyone getting deported or arrested, with minds and camera memory cards filled to the brim with some amazing experiences.

Kate skillfully drove us through some of the most jawdropping sights in the United States in the past week, while I tried not to get us lost and kept her awake with music and dried apricot snacks. America did it's part by delivering some amazing sights ...

It was totally worth the risk of falling off Zion's sheer cliffs for a glimpse of this:

At Bryce we were astounded by these:

We got caught up in numerous dust storms at Monument Valley to get photo ops like this:

And put ourselves through grueling hikes in the Grand Canyon for views like this:

More detailed posts coming on the amazing sights and all the fun Kate and I had, but for now I need a nap! Stay tuned ...

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