Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"You'll never look at those subway poles the same way again."

An instructor told us that on my very first pole dancing class, and it's kind of true. Though I didn't really need an intro class at S Factor for that. I just had to watch this video of a bunch of girls pole dancing on the N train. It is hysterical and also pretty impressive.
My favorite people in this video are definitely hose two guys who said, "We missed our stop about six stops ago. We stayed on just to watch that." Least favorite: girl making faces. There are much worse things that could happen on the N train than, god forbid, having four cute girls do pole dancing tricks.

Today was supposed to be a rest day from the half marathon but I just couldn't sit still so I booked a climb & spin class. I'm glad I did because I actually got to do some nice stretching and fun upper body work. I was hesitant about donning the stilettos a day after running 13.1 miles, but it was actually pretty okay. I'm halfway through my 10-class package, and I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere! My climbs are no longer as excruciating as they used to be, and I'm feeling pretty comfy doing fan kicks and booty pops in my Lucite heels. Today I actually managed to do a level two climb, release my legs into an aerial straddle, and then go into a descent of pure arched back hotness (Well, the move's hot at least. I can't guarantee that it looked hot on me. I might have looked like a tarsier clinging to tree branch a few times, not gonna lie). The fact that I was actually able to hold my body in straddles and such with just the strength of my core and arms still astounds me. Seriously, me? The girl born with the wimpiest arms in the world! Hoorah!

This will be a heavy pole dancing week for me since I've got several trips lined up and I have to use up my package before September 3. I'm excited to see what three pole dancing sessions in one week will do for me! For tonight though, that one pole dancing class will just be giving me sweet, sweet dreams ...


  1. That's really funny. I see little girls swinging on those poles all the time....and their mothers always look mortified!


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