Sunday, June 06, 2010

Queens Half Marathon—Signed Up!

I must be going mental. I signed up for another half marathon, and this one's taking place in seven weeks. *big gulp*

It's just been tough for me to focus on running lately, and joining races forces me to make running a priority over, say, chasing sailors. The New York marathon is looming and I have got to start taking it much more seriously. No more weeks off, no more marathon drinking. Time to bear down and just run.

Next weekend, we run with the legends Paula Radcliffe and Kara Goucher at the New York Mini 10K. Both are running, not racing, the event because they are both pregnant! Despite this fact, I'm sure they'll leave me in a puff of smoke. 

For today, I'll start following the Fitness Magazine half marathon training plan to ensure I can at least make it to the finish line on July 24th. Wish me luck!


  1. I just read most of your blog because I simply couldn't stop. I stumbled upon your blog and fell in love. Am now following (would love it if you followed me!). You have done amazing things, like sew a dress onto a model and stay in luxury hotels for pay! I am so jealous! Can I ask what you studied in college? And what you job is? I want it!

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link Alex! I just added you to my blogroll too. Love the pics of your parents & dying for a "Dance You Fucking Hipsters" tee!!!

    I studied Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT in NY, which led to sewing a model into a dress during an internship. The staying at luxe hotels bit was when I was on the editorial team of a travel magazine back in the Philippines. I don't have that job anymore! I work for a humanitarian organization now, making use of my first degree, which is an IT one. Not much glamour here but it's a great gig and allows me to live in New York, plus blog and chase adventure for fun! I hope I'll have more interesting stories so you'll keep reading!


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