Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Surfing's in Vogue

Today while I was looking up places to take surfing lessons in Montauk, I stumbled upon a story in this month's Vogue on surfing. I haven't read Vogue in ages so I don't know what direction they're heading these days, but surfing was the last place I thought they'd go. And as if that wasn't strange enough, they devised this scenario where Hamish Bowles and Blake Lively learn how to surf from Rob Machado. Very odd. The article is called The Swell Life and if you get morbidly curious like I did, you can check it out by clicking here.

If anything, at least the Mario Testino-shot spread is nice to look at. Though it's tough to suspend disbelief and accept seeing Hervé Léger and Versace body con dresses on the beach.

I'm in total A.D.D. mode lately where I seem to keep finding myself simultaneously researching surf camps, running watches, hiking trails, dance poles, braised short rib recipes and Mexico vacation packages. More than twice a day I think to myself, "What mess have you gotten yourself into Celine?" But every time I cross one more item off the list and conquer one more challenge, the sweet taste of victory just becomes ever more addicting! So I guess I'm destined to run myself to exhaustion until May 21, 2011.

By the way, if anyone has recommendations for places in Montauk to take surfing lessons at, I would loooove to hear it. Research is driving me mad!

Hitting the sack. Wishing you all a fruitful and hopefully not too sweltering hot week!

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  1. cel, head south. water's a little less cold down here. jun n i can teach u!


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