Thursday, September 16, 2010

Highway 95

Somewhere in Utah

After narrowly escaping a fierce dust storm, Kate and I went on Highway 95 to reach the day's final destination: Natural Bridges National Park.This leg of the trip should've taken about two hours, but I'm pretty sure Kate and I added on at least an hour from all the stops we took to take pictures. The first gasp was at this overlook where we spied the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Colorado River.
Next we hopped out at Hite Overlook, which has a breathtaking view of Lake Powell. We got to chatting with a local Utah man at the overlook, who told us that in past years the water level has been much lower. He seemed pleased to hear that we found the area so beautiful, saying that those who live around there tend to take it for granted. He was also quite excited to find out that I'm from the Philippines. He had just sent off his daughter to Bacolod on mission for the Church of Latter Day Saints. I told him their church in Manila is stunning, and that he should come visit her and try the delicious food in Bacolod.
We only stayed in the car long enough to navigate the steep descent down to Lake Powell. The sight of the red cliffs towering over the glassy blue waters was just too beautiful to ignore.
Let's stop for a second to appreciate this awesome Highway 95 picture that Kate risked life and limb for ...
Not more than 5 minutes from there, we stopped to gawk at tall buttes and take running pictures to mix things up a bit.
Finally, we make a tiny bit of headway and get to Hite Crossing Bridge, which traverses the Colorado River.
From there we contained our instinct to snap away so that we could get to Natural Bridges in time to secure a campsite and put up our tent before dark.

When we planned this road trip, we thought that this leg of the trip would be the most tedious since it involved over five hours of driving and going through two national parks. As it turns out, the journey itself was even more memorable than our destinations. There's just something so special about chancing upon wonderful sights when you least expect them. For road trip enthusiasts out there, I highly  recommend adding this Highway to your to-do list!  

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