Friday, September 03, 2010

Off to Ibiza!

I had ambitious hopes of being able to write all my road trip tales down before leaving for Europe so that I could leave you all with reading material while I go off and play ... but alas, life (and my real job) tends to get in the way of blogging so it might be a couple of weeks of silence here. Unless Hurricane Earl decides to put a damper on our plans, I am off to Ibiza tonight for a week of sun and debauchery ...
After Ibiza, I move on to Portugal, where I'll be holing up at a surf camp for five days and then exploring Lisbon for a few more. I will be off the Internet during the week in Ibiza but may be able to put in some posts once in Portugal.

See you in few! I'll try my darndest to come back with more great stories to tell ;-)

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