Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Highway 14

We didn't expect the driving part of our road trip to be just as remarkable as the sights we were driving to but it turned out that our route had some wonderful surprises for us. The drive from Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon was one of many beautiful drives that we had during this trip, particularly because of Highway 14, that 40-mile stretch connecting I-15 and US-89.

Also known as the Markagunt High Plateau Scenic Byway, this road courses past Cedar Breaks National Monument and is enveloped by Dixie National Forest. On the road, the thick cover of pine trees occasionally broke and allowed us peeks at Cedar Breaks' vibrant red, orange and purple-hued canyons.
A lookout point had a sublime view of Zion's highest cliffs and Kolob terraces.
And then, a sudden splash of turquoise from the Navajo River.
I was so smitten by this drive that when a guidebook suggested that the drive we had scheduled for the next day was a "destination on its own", my initial reaction was, "I can't imagine how it could be better than today's."

Well it was. Check back for the post on Highway 12!

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