Friday, October 08, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new ...

Change is in the air. The sweltering hot summer has given way to a crisp fall. I've moved downtown and exchanged one stunning view for another to stare at while I do my sunset runs. Farewell Central Park Reservoir ...
... hello Hudson River.
My faithful companion Dusty, the first pair of running shoes I've ever owned, finally gets a well-deserved a rest. My new friend Berry will keep me company during this Sunday's Staten Island Half Marathon and the New York City Marathon in one month!
The only thing that hasn't changed? I'm still tricking myself into getting some miles in as soon as I wake up by sleeping in my running clothes. Works every time. Good night and good luck to everyone else hitting NYC's pavements a month from now!


  1. OMG Cel! I can see our old apartment! Wah! But, LOL at Berry, your new baby! Hahaha!

  2. OMG Tin! Two things I was thinking about during my run:
    1) I wonder which of those buildings Tin & Harvey lived in?
    2) I wonder if they'll mind my naming my running shoes after their baby ...

    hahaha! I hope you don't mind, but the shoes are the only bundle of joy I've got!

  3. Cel! Hahaha! We're so funny! I don't mind! I hope your Berry gives you as much joy as our Berry! Hahaha! Miss you!


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