Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Aerosmith Factor

It just came to me that a chunk of stuff on my list is probably borne out of my teen obsession with the Aerosmith trilogy of videos featuring Alicia Silverstone. The first time I ever thought about how thrilling it would be to bungee jump (#8) was when I saw Alicia leap backwards off that bridge in "Cryin'." As for the other rebellious things she did ... I did actually get a belly-piercing but eventually grew up, got tired of it and stopped wearing the ring. I still think about getting inked every now and then (especially since my friend Pattie's hubbie Joel is one of the owners of P&P Tattoo and I could get a sick one if I wanted to), but the thought of inevitably ending up a little tattooed grandma someday keeps holding me back.

"Amazing" could certainly be one of the reasons behind #18: ride a motorcycle and #5: skydive (ok they're "skysurfing" in the video, but same difference). Tell me, how can you not want to hop onto a motorcycle after watching those steamy scenes? And skydiving ... well it just has to be done. That's all there is to it.

The road trip idea is absolutely, definitely inspired by "Crazy." When I hear the words "road trip", I think of Alicia and Liv Tyler driving around in a convertible, wind whipping through their hair, a jumble of little granny dresses in the trunk, getting into one shenanigan after another ...

I guess you can also give that video a little credit for #15: pole dancing. Liv Tyler makes pole dancing (and pumping gas, spitting, lip-synching ... pretty much anything) look smoking hot in this video.

I ♥ Aerosmith circa '94

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