Monday, March 29, 2010

Get the Party Started

I might be developing a mild obsession with Pink. Just maybe. I've been looking up clips of her Funhouse tour, where she did a lot of trapeze performances and it's getting me excited about the prospect of trying it out. Aside from just being an amazing experience, it seems to be a great toning workout. Pink and her back-up dancers all look so long and lean, and I'm sure it has to do with all the work she does with silks and hammocks. Pink's always been in great shape, but she used to be a lot bulkier. Check her out in this video from back in the day, where she's doing one-handed push-ups and all that sh!z. She can totally afford to wear a baby blue Santa-eque hat and a fur-lined bikini top because no one's gonna mess with a chick with those biceps. 

Compare how she looks in that video with how she looks now:

She has a way leaner, more feminine silhouette now (and she doesn't look half as angry). Wasn't that such a sick performance? I wish I'd gotten to watch her concert in Madison Square Garden last year! If only I knew ... oh and seriously, how much fun would it be to perform on her show for a living? Dream job! When I was in high school and my life was all about dancing, my dream job was to be Janet Jackson's back-up dancer. After seeing this, I think I'm gonna have to change that into wanting to be Pink's back-up dancer now. I can't wait to try this!!!

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