Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Day 1: The Vegetarian Bikram Yogi Experiment

Today I took the first step in crossing two items off my list:

#10: Conquer the 30-Day Bikram Challenge. 
#24: Give the vegetarian thing a shot for one month.

I officially "declared" that I'm starting the 30-Day challenge at my home studio, Bikram Yoga Union Square. I also ate tofu yakitori for lunch and butternut squash with wholewheat linguini for dinner. Not too bad so far.

A strange thing I've noticed is that I have my best Bikram classes when things are going shittily outside the studio. One time on my way to Bikram,  I almost got hit by a limo. It was such a close call that my hands ended up on the hood of the vehicle! I came out unscathed, thank god. When I got to class, I was so shaken by the thought that I could've been lying in a gourney instead of doing Bikram that I had one of my best classes ever. The standing head-to-knee pose is always a trying one for me, but that day I kicked, kicked, kicked with everything I had and never fell out. Today was quite shite as well, lifewise, because my purse was stolen over the weekend and I got it back today with my camera and iPhone gone. I felt utterly crappy on my way to the studio but once I got there, I thought, you know what? It's just stuff. I'm happy, healthy, stable and I've got all these great challenges ahead of me. I suppose it was the sheer gratitude for what I still have, what I've never lost, that motivated me today.

Then again, knowing that I'm undertaking this challenge also gave me a lot of focus. I'm really excited to see what the next 30 days will do for my body and how it'll improve my practice. The same goes for the vegetarian experiment. Truthfully, I love meat so much that I can't see myself going veggie for life. But I do want to know what it feels like to totally cleanse your system, and find out why vegetarians get hooked!

That's all for today. Time to rest up for Day 2!


  1. hey Celine, what you're doing is actually pretty inspiring! a lot of us, im sure, have been wanting to do this--yet always find the reason not to. (guilty as charged :p) i really do hope you tick off all these before you turn 30...but even then, just doing all of these while you still can is an accomplishment in itself :)

    will be following your journey... :) Good Luck!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comment! I think the stubborn Taurus in me has kicked in and is just ridiculously determined to make it all happen! I hope that following me on this crazy journey will inspire you to do a thing or two that you've always wanted to do but have been putting off!


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